Deborah Levy Designs

I’ve learned how to be successful at Artful Entertaining from trial and error and I want to share some of those experiences and tips with you.

I truly enjoy entertaining it’s something that comes naturally to me partly because I am from the South where we do a lot of entertaining. In the past few years I find that I truly enjoy entertaining smaller groups as I can have more one on one time with my guest and organize myself to the degree that I feel like I get to enjoy the party as well. I love the planning and organization of a party the menu selections and the tables capes are some of my favorite things. Seasonal entertaining is really enjoyable to me. We travel in the summer to Santa Barbara where we stay for several weeks and we always entertain there. I truly enjoy entertaining in the casual atmosphere of Southern California because I can generally do something that flows outside and inside. I’ll be covering a lot of this on my blog so please check back in with me for updates. I’ll be sure to give you tips and ideas on your own entertaining which you will find helpful. I’ve learned through the years some great shortcuts to a no fail party.