Deborah Levy Designs

What makes a design truly unique? Is it the colors or the orientation of the shapes on display?

The truth is design is actually an amalgamation of various elements combined to create the word that attempts to categorize it. This description would also be appropriate for Deborah Levy designer and owner at Deborah Levy Designs. Based in Dallas Texas, Deborah holds a BFA in Interior Design and Art. With over 18 years working and engaging in the interior design business, she is a true master designer par excellence.

Deborah is well known for offering a true feast for the eyes, from everything a client observes on the inside to the outside of their home. But Deborah Levy is simply so much more than about just interior design, her appreciation for the fine details which encompass design have crossed over into other areas of her life’s interests.

More than just concerned about designing spaces, Deborah delights in styling lifestyles in the everyday moments that make up our lives. After all, someone who notices the details in so many aspects of design we sometimes take for granted, Deborah employs shaping these elements into a design motif that is based on a personal style.  This is something her clients have come to enjoy having her do for them.

Deborah never loses focus because she has experience and a passion for the work that she does

In our fast paced world, we sometimes lose track of those details and the digital elements in our lives can blur the lines that make up those designs which compliment a lifestyle. Deborah never loses focus because she has years of experience and a passion for the work that she does. This dedication to a commitment to lifestyle design has led Deborah all over the globe, and given her a perspective on her approach to working that leaves her with rare rivalry. The designing developments she does are her signature marks on a life well spent devoted toward beauty, class and sophistication. Deborah is still continuing on her exploration and discovery journey and she is always growing in her insights on design, art and style. Her life’s joy is the act of creation, to playfully pursue work which provides her the opportunity to design for clients and contour lifestyles that bring out that Joie de vivre.