Welcome to Deborah Levy Designs
January 23, 2019 Deborah Levy

Welcome to Deborah Levy Designs

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Deborah is a designer and owner at Deborah Levy Designs in Dallas, Texas. She holds a BFA in Interior Design and Art. With over 18 years in the interior design business she is a master at her  craft. She is famous for providing a feast for the eye of everything inside and all you can see from your windows.

“I have always been drawn to curves, color and details. I have a BA in Art and Interior Design. My travels are a sense of creative inspiration for me. I find the architecture and art of other cultures fascinating and incorporate them wherever possible. My own home is important to me and I want to bring ideas to my clients that will be unique and add to their own signature style. A home should reflect the family that lives in it and give a sense of comfort and peace. It should be where you can entertain your family and friends and take pride inside and outside”.

Creating beautiful interiors and living a certain lifestyle are what I founded my company on. In tweaking my concept I’ve learned that living fully the best life you can is what’s the most important thing. Enjoying every moment is what happiness is all about. Living in and loving your environment go hand in hand to bringing happiness as well. I have a great team of artisans that work with me on projects whether they be large or small. Together we can help you create the style that is you and best sets the stage for you to live your best life and fulfill your personal dreams.

– Deborah Levy